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Goodvine Tocco Toscano


RFID Inventory & Sales Tracking System

This project is to develop a customized inventory and sales management system with the use of RFID technology. The system enables Goodvine to effectively track their goods from production up to the point of sales in their regional warehouses and sales outlets.

HHK-Delta Corporation


Site Mobile Application Solution (SMAS) with real-time Man, Material & Machinery (3-M) costing. This project is to provide HHK with a Web-based and mobile application solution to enable HHK Site Employees to make use of mobile and internet technologies to perform site operations such as form filling, information retrieval from main office and data input.

Toshiba Data Dynamics


Toshiba Data Dynamics has thousands of copiers nationwide to be serviced by a team of technicians. This project involves designing and developing a Web and Mobile based application to allow digitize and eliminate the manual and paper-based ways of capturing servicing operations information by servicing technicians out in the field.

Quality Power Management


Quality Power Management (QPM) has an expanding list of more than 1,500 licenses for serving and maintenance switchgears and transformers. This project involves customization of Quality Power Management (QPM) inspection operations from paper-based to mobile forms with web backend management.



This project involves the complete design and development of TransitLink Mobile Services application in iOS and Android platforms. TransitLink Mobile Services application is an initiative by TransitLink to bring its current suite of Web eServices to the mobile platform.

Samwoh Corporation


This project involved the full custom development of a Web-based and mobile-tablet application solution to allow Samwoh site employees to perform time in/out at project sites, submit electronic forms/reports via mobile tablets and capture photos of site conditions and situations.

Samwoh Corporation


Mobile DN

This project involved the full custom development of a Web-based and mobile application solution to allow Samwoh operations team to issue and capture delivery notes via mobile platform. It also tracks the trips made by the truck drivers to compute the salary and allowances that are due to them for their work.

Samwoh Corporation


This project involved the full custom development of a Web-based and mobile application solution to allow Samwoh operations team to perform real-time pavement defect inspection and tracking. This solution was a showcase at the Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) 2013.

Teambuild Engineering & Construction


CAPPS SOLUTIONS worked closely with Teambuild to replace their time attendance system with InSightTM Time to capture daily attendance in real-time via mobile devices with seamless payroll processing. Teambuild also uses InSightTM Quality and Safety of CAPPS SOLUTIONS.

ISOTeam Limited


This project involves the digitization of ISOTeam Limited’s major business operations from office to site. Manual paper Time Cards, Payroll, Request For Variation Quotation, Purchase Orders, Safety Checklists, Work In Progress Reports and Subcontractor Claims were transformed to electronic versions.

Vision Building Forensics

Project Management & Consultancy

This project is to transform the manual and paper-based operations of Vision Building Forensics (VBF) with Internet and 3G mobile wireless technology to achieve significant time-savings, more accurate information capture and tracking, resulting in great productivity improvement.

Advisors' Clique


This project involves designing and developing a browser-based application to allow users to perform data input, review and tracking of insurance claims. The system also provides alert mechanisms to notify the authorized user in situations of claim processing and policy renewal threshold breaches.

R3 Asia Pacific



This project involves the full custom development of an agency fee negotiation system to provide a platform for R3’s clients and agencies to process the thousands of fee negotiations that take place every year across the globe. The system is entirely Web-based with mobile friendly reports.

Cruzee Singapore


Web Design and eCommerce Development

This project involves website design and development of a brand new Cruzee Singapore website with an eCommerce online shop.

Chip Eng Seng Group


CES chose InSightTM Time over a traditional out-of-the-box biometric fingerprint system, reason being biometric fingerprint systems had proven to be unreliable and not to fulfil the operational requirements of CES.